Granite and heritage: the mysteries at the end of the earth

Staying in Brest is the perfect opportunity to stroll around the town, taking in its monuments,

museums, and street art which can be found all over the town. Once your cultural thirst has been
quenched then you can enjoy discovering the beaches, and even throw in some surfing or hiking.


Brest is also an excellent starting point for discovering the region of Finistère (which translates as
‘the end of the Earth’).

Finistère has a rich heritage and you can discover its beaches, bays and islands.


We can help you plan all of your trips and share our knowledge of the local area with you.



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 Don’t miss Brest, maritime city

Just next to our hotel you can discover:


  • Recouvrance Bridge
  • Tanguy Tower
  • Brest castle and its maritime museum
  • The cable cars and workshops of the Capucins quarter.
  • Rue Saint Malo
  • Parks and Squares
  • Dajot walkway
  • The commercial harbour.
  • Saint-Louis market every Sunday morning for a bustling and animated experience.


A little further afield you can enjoy:


  • The botanical gardens
  • The park of explorers
  • Oceanopolis aquarium
  • The beach of Moulin Blanc amongst many others


Shows and Music


  • The Quartz is the national theatre of Brest
  • The Beaux Dimanches on Rue Saint Malo
  • Thursdays in the Port
  • The European Festival of Short Films
  • Astropolis and Winter Astropolis (Brest) and more….




Ponant – Don’t miss



  • Maison blanche with its colourful houses and pebbled beaches
  • Plage de Sainte Anne (accessible by bus)
  • The lighthouse and beach of Minou
  • The Saint Mathieu point
  • The beach of Trez Hir at Plougonvelin,
  • And many more





  • Festival Les Vieilles Charrues (Carhaix)
  • Festival du Bout du Monde (Crozon)
  • Fête du Bruit dans Landerneau
  • Festival Panoramas (Morlaix), etc.


Useful links to help you plan your trip

12 rue de Lyon - 29200 Brest


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