Our concierge service: Efficiency and helpfulness in the heart of Brest


Kelig Hotel wants to be sure that your stay in Breton goes exactly how you want it to, hassle free and
with no time wasted on anything as mundane as planning!



A stay that responds to your needs and desires



You can arrive when you want at the hotel, regardless of whether reception is not open – we just ask
that you let us know in advance.


Maïg is on hand to recommend and provide access to all manner of services on-site without you
needing to lift a finger – beauty treatments, massages, dry cleaning, etc.


You can order your breakfast in your room or join us in the breakfast room for table service. We
provide both sweet and savoury breakfast options.


Always available for you


When we are not manning reception we are never far, and you can easily get hold of us if you need
us outside reception hours.


Advantages for families and professionals who book directly through our site



Need a cot, pram, changing table, games, rain clothes or anything else? You only need to ask us,
and we will provide them in your room for no extra charge.


Forget your toiletries? No problem, we can provide you with everything you need.


We can also reserve our breakfast room for you during the day so that you can hold meetings or
training sessions during the day. There is free Wi-Fi available throughout the hotel. We can happily
organise catering for your meeting.


 A guide for all the things you must see whilst in Brest



We are passionate about Brest, its cultural life, its history, and its monuments. We can tell you the
things that you simply cannot miss, and help you plan your day bearing in mind the attention span
and interests of young children or teenagers, and your own passions and interests.


We can also help you chose a restaurant from the simplest and tastiest of creperies (a dish which
Brittany is famous for with delicious dark brown savoury galettes and sweet white pancakes for
dessert, all washed down with local cider), to delicious and sophisticated gastronomic restaurants.

We can even tell you what street food to grab as you take in the sights! Brest holds no secrets for

Don’t hesitate to ask us – we can book the restaurant of your choice with pleasure!


Great prices for smaller budgets



With many of our services free or clearly marked as supplementary we will always be very clear
about how much things cost – no hidden surprises will await you at the end of your stay.



Contact us to find out more

12 rue de Lyon - 29200 Brest


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